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Retainio Software Review

What is Retainio?

Imagine having a powerful, simple-to-use app to create 'Micro Buzz' styled viral sites that almost force your website visitors to engage with your interactive content while getting them addicted and returning over and over again. Retainio has all the elements that will make your website look irresistible to interact with. ·Want to embed videos? We have got you covered! ·Polls - Take the opinion of your viewers and make them feel important. ·Conversation - Simulate a text message conversation and lead visitors to take action. ·Quotes - Include quotes and add a bit of flair to your sites Showcase Images like a slideshow inside a gallery! ·Listicles - Create powerful lists that provide extreme value and gets shared virally! That's just not it! We have so much more inside Retainio that will tie viewers with your content and make them interact with it. You can share these posts on Facebook, automatically add amazon affiliate offers related to your posts, generate leads …